Singapore Holiday Packages

Singapore is arguably the most developed country in the entire Southeast region. And the smallest by land. But when it comes to Singapore, size does not matter. Or it could be said that its small size is what has allowed it to prosper so much. Singapore is a major metropolitan hub, but that does not mean it is simply a place of business. In a genius move, Singapore incorporated a greening policy that has added much-needed greenery amidst the concrete architecture. You can find all-inclusive Singapore holiday packages to fulfil all your touristy needs. Singapore is also an excellent honeymoon destination, and you can find many Singapore honeymoon packages that are worth your while. So lets see how you can make the most of your Singapore holidays!

As Singapore is a small country, it is easy to roam around Singapore. A tourist visa with a validity of 30 days is readily available for Indian nationals. The Singapore Changi Airport is one of the most well-connected airports in Southeast Asia and an international hub. So, it is easier to get daily flights from the major airports in India. If you are of the hassle free sort, you can just choose from excellent Singapore packages instead of booking everything independently. Singapore is a perfect destination for a short holiday, and you can find a lot of things to do in Singapore. A vacation of a maximum of three or four days works fine to check out most of the important locations. So lets take a look at the places you can visit to make your Singapore holidays memorable.

You can begin with Merlion Park which is one the most famous Singapore landmarks, a favourite tourist spot and located near the Singapore river. So named after the infamous statue of a Merlion, the Merlion Park is a great place to hang out. It also offers great views for photography enthusiasts. If you love shopping, Singapore Chinatown, like many others, is a colourful place full of vendors selling trinkets and street food. Singapore multicultural diversity is very much evident here since the place features churches, mosques and temples. You can even find variety in the food on display here.

Another favorite hangout spot is the Marina Bay. The Marina Bay, at first glance, gives the impression of a space centre. Marvel at futuristic looking structures like the Helix Bridge and visit the adjoining areas that contain human-made waterfalls and supertrees. The Singapore Zoo is also one of the must see locations in Singapore. It is a particularly well-maintained zoo with various animals. The ambitious goal of Singapore is to turn itself into a ity in a garden. That is achievable looking at the gardens by the bay with its 25 human-made supertrees and domes.

Sentosa Island is a place of entertainment as well as relaxation. Universal Studios Singapore, a famous theme park like the one in Japan, is located on this island along with other themed attractions and rides. If all that is not for you, simply head out to the beach and relax on the sand.

Several times a week, you can witness beautifully choreographed light and water shows in Marina Bay. The show includes synchronised fountains and light projections of splashes of water. It sounds beautiful. Your Singapore holidays would be incomplete without a viewing of this show.

These are some of the must see locations and activities included in Singapore Tourism. Select from a wide range of Singapore tour packages and book your tickets today!